Numerical Simulation for Settlement Process of Blocks by Particle-Laden Turbulence Flow Model

E. Harada, H. Gotoh, N. Tsuruta
Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers
blocks, Distinct element method, large eddy simulation, Sedimentation, solid-liquid multi-phase flow

A solver of a high accuracy and a high resolution for a solid-liquid two-phase flow model is required to predict a settlement process of dumped blocks in a construction of a block mound. Because, a settlement of blocks leads to a sediment cloud composed by suspended sediment due to turbulence near sea bottom, and a sediment cloud brings a problem of turbidity water. In the present study, numerical simulation for a settlement process of blocks in a still water has been performed by using the newly developed solid-liquid two-phase flow model including LES, which can calculate turbulent flow in detail. A flow structure around settling blocks has been shown computationally.

Keywords: large eddy simulation, distinct element method, solid-liquid multi-phase flow, blocks, sedimentation

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