Numerical Simulation Analysis By Solid Liquid Coupling With 3Dec Of Dynamic Water Crannies In Overlying Strata

D.-S. Zhang, G.-W. Fan, L.-Q. Ma, S.-G. Jing, W. Zhang
Journal of China University of Mining and Technology
3-Dimentsional, Distinct element, Fluid mechanics, Water Cranny

To solve the problem of water loss during mining of shallow, buried coal seams, we have first analyzed the mechanism and suitability of solid-liquid coupling, i.e., we used the FLUID-MECHANICS system of 3-Dimensional Distinct Element Code (3DEC) in simulating dynamic water crannies in overlying strata, under mining conditions of a large longwall coalface. Next the dynamic initiation of a water cranny, its propagation and close phases were studied with 3DEC, along with the overlying strata breakage and recombination as the mining space of the shallow, buried coal seam increased. Combined with the change in the stress and displacement fields, the distribution features of the mining cranny were systematically studied. The effect of regularities and their effective measures of local filling and mine slicing technology in controlling mine crannies were investigated and the potential danger areas of water loss identified. Our results can be applied to decrease water loss during the exploitation of shallow, buried coal seams with a thin bedrock. The results also prove that 3DEC is a credible numerical analytical method to predict initiations of dynamic water crannies, their propagation, their closure phases and other concomitant hazards.

Keywords: 3-Dimentsional, Distinct Element, Fluid-Mechanics, Water Cranny

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