Numerical investigations on a yarn structure at the microscale towards scale transition

F.Dau, I. Iordanoff, J. Giradot, P. del Sorbo
Composite Structures
ballistic, microscale, Numerical Modelling, transversal impact, yarn

Since the beginning of the last decade, few examples of multifilament models for dry fabrics have been presented in literature. This work deals with the simulation of a single yarn subjected to transverse impact.

Inspired by the models previously developed by other authors, a revisited form of Discrete Element Method has been adopted to perform microscopic analyses in a more efficient computational environment. Transverse impact analysis onto a single KEVLAR KM2 yarn has been performed using this approach. Truss elements have been adopted to discretize yarn filaments instead of heavy computational 3D finite elements. A good agreement with literature results has been achieved with an important reduction of computational resource. In the end, a proposed scale transition is discussed.

Keywords: yarn, transversal impact, ballistic, numerical modelling, microscale.

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