Numerical investigations of fault propagation and forced-fold using a non smooth discrete element method

F. Dubois, M. Renouf, P. Alart
Taylor & Francis
European Journal of Computational Mechanics
Discrete element method, Fault, Fold, Granular material, non smooth mechanics

Geophysical problems as forced-fold evolution and fault propagation induce large deformations and many localisation. The continuum mechanics does not seem the more appropriate for their description and it appears more interesting to represent the media as initially discontinuous. To face both phenomena, a non smooth Discrete Element Method is used. Geophysical structures are considered as collection of rigid disks which interact by cohesive frictional contact laws. Numerical geophysical formations are correlated to mechanical properties of structures through observation and mechanical analysis.

Keywords: discrete element method, non smooth mechanics, granular material, fault, fold

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