Numerical analysis of enhanced mixing in a Gallay tote blender

G. Zhou, J. Xu, L. Cui, W. Ge, X. Rin
Baffle, Granular materials, powder mixing, Tote Blender

The mixing performance of a multi-bladed baffle inserted into a traditional Gallay tote blender is explored by graphic processing unit-based discrete element method software. The mixing patterns and rates are investigated for a binary mixture, represented by two different colors, under several loading profiles. The baffle effectively enhances the convective mixing both in the axial and radial directions, because of the disturbance it causes to the initial flowing layer and solid-body zone, compared with a blender without a baffle. The axial mixing rate is affected by the gap between the baffle and the wall on the left and right sides, and an optimal blade length corresponds to the maximum mixing rate. However, the radial mixing rate increases with the blade length almost monotonically.

Keywords: powder mixing, tote blender, granular materials, baffle.

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