Nonlinear Multi-Body Dynamic Modeling and Coordinated Motion Control Simulation of Deep-Sea Mining System

F. Ma, W. Yin, Y. Dai
IEEE Access
Computational modeling, Dynamics, Force, Motion control, Nonlinear dynamical systems, Tracking, Vehicle dynamics

In this paper, a nonlinear integrated multi-body dynamic (MBD) model of a deep-sea mining (DSM) system was developed. A particular nonlinear interaction model between the mining vehicle and the seabed sediment was derived. The fluid resistance and the resistance torque acting on the vehicle were obtained by the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) numerical simulations. In addition, a rigid-flexible coupled discrete element method (DEM) was adopted to model an extremely long mining riser efficiently and accurately. Developed by the C# program, a user-defined subprogram was intended to establish the DEM model of the riser. A motion control system model for trajectory tracking of the vehicle was developed in which the fuzzy control algorithm and the fuzzy adaptive PID control algorithm were used to control the speed and speed ratio of the tracks, respectively. Furthermore, the collaborative simulation between the dynamic model and the control model was achieved, and a coordinated motion mode for the total mining system was proposed and simulated. Accordingly, the trajectory tracking accuracy and slip of the vehicle, the spatial state change of the riser, and the interaction forces among subsystems were analyzed. This paper can provide a valuable theoretical basis and technical reference for the integrated design, performance prediction, and operation control of the practical DSM system.

Keywords: Vehicle dynamics, Dynamics, Computational modeling, Force, Nonlinear dynamical systems, Motion control, Tracking

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