Mathematical Simulation of Burden Distribution in COREX Melter Gasifier by Discrete Element Method

H.-F. Li, J.-J. Sun, L.-H. Han, Z-X Di, Z. S. Zou, Z.-G. Luo
Journal of Iron and Steel Research -International
Burden distribution, COREX melter gasifier, Discrete element method, gas distribution

COREX process is one of the earliest industrialized smelting reduction ironmaking technology. A numerical simulation model based on discrete element method (DEM) has been developed to analyze the burden distribution in the melter gasifier of COREX process. The DEM considering the collisions between particles can directly reproduce the charging process. The burden trajectory, the location and the burden surface profile are analyzed in melter gasifier with a mixing charging of coal and direct reduction iron (DRI) at the same time. Considering the porosity of packed bed has an important effect on the gas flow distribution of melter gasifier, a method to calculate porosity has been proposed. The distribution of DRI and coal and the porosity in the radial direction are given under different charging patterns, which is necessary to judge the gas flow distribution and provide base data for further researching the melter gasifier for the next work in the future. The research results can be used to guide the operation of adjusting charging and provide important basis for optimizing the charging patterns in order to obtain the reasonable gas distribution.

Keywords: COREX melter gasifier, burden distribution, gas distribution, discrete element method

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