Investigation of the reservoir as a feeder of inclined granular flows

G. Yang, J. Wan, L. Yang, P. Lin, S. Zhang, Y. Tian
Granular Matter
eccentric hopper, inclined flow, tilted reservoir

Hoppers or reservoirs are universally used as feeders for granular flows down inclined planes or chutes. Here we numerically investigated the influences of geometrical factors, such as inclination angles of reservoir θr and plane θp , and the gate height H, on the granular flow. It was found if θrθr is fixed and θp>θr , there will be a little discrepancy in flow rate when the inclination angle of the plane θpθp varies. Compared with the flows from tilted concentric hopper, the correlation between the flow rate and θr in reservoir is different due to specific geometric configuration. Moreover, the flow rate obeys Beverloo’s law with various H. Additionally, the spatial fields of the inclined flows were plotted and the flow from eccentric hoppers was simulated.

Keywords: inclined flow, tilted reservoir, eccentric hopper.

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