Investigation of particle dynamics and classification mechanism in a spiral jet mill through computational fluid dynamics and discrete element methods

A. Benassi, C. Cavazzoni, C.Cottini, M. Cestari, R. Ponzini, S. Bna
Powder Technology
CFD-DEM Simulation, Jet mill, Micronization, Multiphase flow

Predicting the outcome of jet-milling based on the knowledge of process parameters and starting material properties is a task still far from being accomplished. Given the technical difficulties in measuring thermodynamics, flow properties and particle statistics directly in the mills, modelling and simulations constitute alternative tools to gain insight in the process physics and many papers have been recently published on the subject. An ideal predictive simulation tool should combine the correct description of non-isothermal, compressible, high Mach number fluid flow, the correct particle-fluid and particle-particle interactions and the correct fracture mechanics of particle upon collisions but it is not currently available. In this paper we present our coupled CFD-DEM simulation results; while comparing them with the recent modelling and experimental works we will review the current understating of the jet-mill physics and particle classification. Subsequently we analyze the missing elements and the bottlenecks currently limiting the simulation technique as well as the possible ways to circumvent them towards a quantitative, predictive simulation of jet-milling.

Keywords: Jet mill, Micronization, CFD-DEM simulation, Multiphase flow

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