Influence of vibration amplitude on dynamic triggering of slip in sheared granular layers

B. Ferdowsi, C. Marone, E.G. Daub, J. Carmeliet, M. Griffa, P.A. Johnson, R.A. Guyer
American Physical Society
Physical Review E
Granular Layer, slip event, Vibration

We perform a systematic statistical investigation of the effect of harmonic boundary vibrations on a sheared granular layer undergoing repetitive, fully dynamic stick-slip motion. The investigation is performed using two-dimensional discrete element method simulations. The main objective consists of improving the understanding of dynamic triggering of slip events in the granular layer. Here we focus on how the vibration amplitude affects the statistical properties of the triggered slip events. The results provide insight into the granular physical controls of dynamic triggering of failure in sheared granular layers.

Keywords: granular layer, vibration, slip event

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