Influence of Tool Inclination on Micro-Ball-End Milling of Quartz Glass

F. G. Zhang, M. L. Gu, Y. Qiu, Z. Wei
Taylor & Francis
Materials and Manufacturing Processes
Micro ball end mill, Quartz glass, Simulation, Tool inclination

Glass is difficult to machine due to its susceptibility to brittle fracture during machining. Tool tilt angle can exert a remarkable effect on the surface finish of glass in micro-ball-end milling. On the basis of a theoretical analysis and simulation by three-dimensional discrete element method, an optimal mathematical model is constructed for tool inclination, which is governed by edge radius of ball-nose of end-mill and cutting thickness. Corresponding experiments are conducted for model verification. The results show that different cutting thicknesses, cutter shapes, and spindle speeds have a considerable influence on machining mechanics of glass.

Keywords: Micro-ball-end mill, Quartz glass, Simulation, Tool inclination

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