Influence of the backfill parameters in distinct element modelling of a backfill masonry arch bridge through the PFC2D software

F.G. Gomez, J.A.M. Martinez, L.M.G. Castillo
Taylor & Francis
Geomechanics and Geoengineering: An International Journal
backfill masonry bridge, Discrete element method, geomechanical modelling, PFC2D, soil-structure interaction

This paper presents an investigation on how to model a backfill masonry arch bridge using the discrete element method (DEM). The PFC2D software is used for this purpose. A certain backfill masonry arch bridge is modelled, with different types of fill, mortar and voussoir materials. A biaxial test has been programmed using ‘FISH’ code to obtain the micro-parameters used in the model so that they match the macro-parameters obtained from a real biaxial test. The arch is loaded until its collapse in three different load cases. Further discussion on the influence of the backfill parameters is presented as well as a sensitivity analysis for the arch bridge.

Keywords: Discrete element method, backfill masonry bridge, PFC2D, geomechanical modelling, soil-structure interaction

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