Influence of particle damping on ride comfort of mining dump truck

D. Lu, H. Guo, L. Song, W. Xiao, Z.Yang
Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing
Discrete Element, Mechanical engineering, Mining dump truck, Particle damping, Vibration comfort

Mining dump truck produces strong vibrations for a long time during driving, which will reduce the comfort of the drivers and even affect their health. With the advantages of not changing the original structure and good damping effect, the particle damping technology is suitable for the cab with narrow space. The plinth between the cab floor and the seat was transformed into a particle damper, and the discrete element model of the damper was established. For different damper schemes, energy dissipation analysis based on discrete element model was used to find out the optimum one. Finally, through the field test, the results indicated that at the speed of 40 km/h, the Root-Mean-Square (RMS) value of acceleration in the X direction (Front After), Y direction (Cross Car), and Z direction (Up Down) at the measurement point of the seat were reduced by 26.8%, 46.8%, and 38.4%, respectively; at 6.3 Hz, the comfort duration was increased by 85% after the particle damper was used. This research has important engineering value for damping in the cab of mining dump truck to improve its vibration comfort.

Keywords: Mechanical engineering, Vibration comfort, Particle damping, Mining dump truck, Discrete element

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