Influence of Cohesive Zone Shape on Solid Flow in COREX Melter Gasifier by Discrete Element Method

H. Zhou, L.-H. Han, Y-Z. Zhang, Z. S. Zou, Z.-G. Luo
Journal of Iron and Steel Research -International
Cohesive zone shape, COREX melter gasifier, Discrete element method, Porosity Distribution, solid flow

Based on the principle of discrete element method (DEM), a 2D slot model of a COREX melter gasifier was established to analyze the influence of cohesive zone shape on solid flow, including mass distribution, velocity distribution, normal force distribution and porosity distribution at a microscopic level. The results show that the cohesive zone shape almost does not affect the particle movement in the upper shaft and deadman shape. The particles in the lower central bottom experience large normal force to support the particles above them, while particles around the raceway and in the fast flow zone exhibit weak force network. The porosity distribution was also examined under three kinds of cohesive zones. Like the velocity distribution, the whole packed bed can be divided into four main regions. With the increase of cohesive zone position, the low porosity region located in the root of cohesive zone increases. And the porosity distribution becomes asymmetric in the case of biased cohesive zone.

Keywords: COREX melter gasifier, Discrete element method, Porosity distribution, Cohesive zone shape, Solid flow

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