Impact on granular bed: validation of discrete element modeling results by means of two-dimensional finite element analysis

A. di Lernia, C. R. K. Windows- Yule, L.A.T. Cisneros, V. Marzulli
Granular Matter
Discrete Element model, Finite element analysis, Granular material, Impact response, Numerical simulations, soil-structure interaction

The study of processes characterized by impulsive nature (i.e. impacts) can be considered of great interest in both physics and engineering disciplines: in the geotechnical field, for instance, their effect on the interaction between soil and structures need to be investigated. The present work aims at the validation, by means of two-dimensional finite element simulations, of a methodology of force calibration which uses results obtained from three-dimensional discrete element analysis for predicting the stress at the base of a granular bed, retained by a movable wall, arising when the system is hit by a projectile. To approach this problem, the low-velocity impact has been modeled as a punctual impulsive force on a granular packing.

Keywords: Finite element analysis, Impact response, Granular material, Soil–structure interaction, Numerical simulations, Discrete element model 

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