Hybrid finite-discrete element modelling of dynamic fracture and resultant fragment casting and muck-piling by rock blast

H. Han, H. M. An, H. Y. Liu, X. G. Wang, X. Zheng
Computers and Geotechnics
Dynamic fracture, failure mechanismm fragment muck-piling, hybrid FEM-DEM, numerical method, rock blast

A state-of-the-art review is conducted to highlight the fracture mechanism in rock blast and advantages and limitations of various methods in modelling it. A hybrid finite-discrete element method (FEM-DEM) is implemented to simulate rock fracture and resultant fragment muck-piling in various blasting scenarios. The modelled crushed, cracked and long radial crack zones are compared with those in literatures to calibrate the hybrid FEM-DEM. Moreover, the hybrid modelling reproduces the rock fragmentation process during blasting. It is concluded that the hybrid FEM-DEM is superior to continuous and discontinuous methods in terms of modelling dynamic fracture of rock under blast-induced impact load.

Keywords: hybrid FEM-DEM, dynamic fracture, rock blast, numerical method, failure mechanismm fragment muck-piling.

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