Feasibility investigation of the mechanical behavior of methane hydrate-bearing specimens using the multiple failure method

B. Gong, L. Chen, Y. Jiang
Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering
Compress test, Discrete element method, Mechanical behavior, Methane hydrate-bearing specimen, Multiple failure test

The multiple failure test method is an efficient compress test method for studying the mechanical properties of rock. The method can use one sample to obtain the main mechanical properties under different confining pressure conditions. To verify the feasibility of this method and to evaluate the damage mechanism in testing the mechanical properties of the methane hydrate-bearing specimen (MHS), an experimental apparatus has been designed to supply high-pressure and low-temperature testing conditions. The specimen was compressed successively under the confining pressure conditions of 2 MPa, 6 MPa and 10 MPa. The mechanical properties of MHS using the multiple failure test method can coincide well with the test results in the conventional single loading test method. The feasibility of using the multiple failure test method to study the mechanical behavior was verified based on experimental data. Furthermore, the damage mechanism of MHS was investigated by using a discrete element method with two test methods.

Keywords: Methane hydrate-bearing specimen, Mechanical behavior, Multiple failure test, Compress test, Discrete element method,

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