Experimental test and particle mechanical analysis of gas adsorption-induced coal rock degradation

D. Zhang, H. Wang, L. Yuan, S. Wang, S. Wei, Z. Liu
Powder Technology
Coal rock, Degradation test, Gas adsorption, Particle mechanical analysis

In order to more accurately analyze the coal rock degradation arising from gas adsorption, a new method was proposed based on particle discrete element theory. The degradation test and numerical simulation were used to verify the applicability of this method. The particle discrete element analysis for the degradation effect on coal rock showed that: The gas adsorption on the surface of coal rock particles favored to reduce the surface free energy of coal rock particles, but would decrease the contact bond tensile strength and effective modulus of coal rock particles; meanwhile, the expansion stress generated by gas adsorption would cause weakening of the coal rock particle contact bond cohesive force. The micro key parameters of bonding and internal friction angle in numerical simulation were corresponded with that in the macro degradation test one by one. These findings provide a new approach for studying the gas adsorption-induced degradation of coal rock.

Keywords: Gas adsorption, Coal rock, Degradation test, Particle mechanical analysis

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