Effectiveness of a lattice discrete element model to simulate mechanical wave shielding by using barriers into the ground

A. Carpinteri, I. Iturrioz, S. Vantadori
Engineering Failure Analysis
damaged ground, LDEM, vertical barrier, Wave propagation

Several vibration sources can provoke propagation of mechanical waves into the ground. Such waves have to be taken into account both in designing of new buildings and in shielding of strategic structures. The vibration control systems may be either active systems or passive systems such as vertical barriers. One of the main problems encountered in the numerical simulation of wave shielding by using vertical barriers is the ground modeling. To such an aim, the method originally formulated by Riera is here employed to simulate both typical elastic-dynamic problems and a complex problem consisting in the numerical simulation of a vertical barrier wave shielding into a damaged ground where wave propagation occurs.

Keywords: damaged ground, LDEM, vertical barrier, wave propagation

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