Effect of Operating Parameters on Gas‐Solid Hydrodynamics and Heat Transfer in a Spouted Bed

C. Hu, J. Fan, J. Lin, K. Luo, S. Wang
Chemical Engineering & Technology
Discrete element method, Gas‐solid flows, heat transfer, Large‐eddy simulation, Spouted beds

Through a combined computational fluid dynamics and discrete element method approach, the effect of the operating parameters on the hydrodynamics and heat‐transfer properties of gas‐solid two‐phase flows in a spouted bed are extensively investigated. Considering the high velocity in the fountain region, gas turbulence is resolved by employing the large‐eddy simulation. The rolling friction model is adopted for more precise predictions of solid behavior near the wall. Subsequently, the gas‐solid flow patterns, gas‐solid velocities, and temperature evolution are investigated. Moreover, different operating conditions and geometry configurations are evaluated with respect to heat‐transfer performance. The results provide a fundamental understanding of heat‐transfer mechanisms in spouted beds.

Keywords: Discrete element method, Gas‐solid flows, Heat transfer, Large‐eddy simulation, Spouted beds,

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