Dynamical configurations of celestial systems comprised of multiple irregular bodies

H. Baoyin, J. Li, Y. Jiang, Y. Zhang
Astrophysics and Space Science
equilibria, multiple irregular bodies, orbital dynamics, spin-orbit lock, triple-asteroid system

This manuscript considers the main features of the nonlinear dynamics of multiple irregular celestial body systems. The gravitational potential, static electric potential, and magnetic potential are considered. Based on the three established potentials, we show that three conservative values exist for this system, including a Jacobi integral.

The equilibrium conditions for the system are derived and their stability analyzed. The equilibrium conditions of a celestial system comprised of nn irregular bodies are reduced to 12n−9 equations. The dynamical results are applied to simulate the motion of multiple-asteroid systems.

The simulation is useful for the study of the stability of multiple irregular celestial body systems and for the design of spacecraft orbits to triple-asteroid systems discovered in the solar system. The dynamical configurations of the five triple-asteroid systems 45 Eugenia, 87 Sylvia, 93 Minerva, 216 Kleopatra, and 136617 1994CC, and the six-body system 134340 Pluto are calculated and analyzed.

Keywords: multiple irregular bodies, triple-asteroid system, equilibria, spin-orbit lock, orbital dynamics.

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