Domain decomposition with discrete element simulations using shared-memory parallel computing for railways applications

D. Dureisseix, G. Saussine, P. Alart, T. M. P. Hoang
Taylor & Francis
European Journal of Computational Mechanics
Ballast, LMGC90, maintenance, Non Smooth Contact Dynamics, parallelisation

Numerical simulation with discrete elements leads to several issues for large-scale problems and long loading times, as for the granular dynamic simulations of the ballasted railway behaviour. To reduce computational costs, we study the use of two strategies: domain decomposition methods and shared-memory parallelisation with OpenMP. An example of a maintenance process, the tamping, on a portion of railway track with seven sleepers, is simulated.

Keywords: non-smooth contact dynamics, parallelisation, LMGC90, ballast, maintenance

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