Distinct element method analysis of a retaining wall using a steel frame and fill materials

J. Hwa Won, J. Soo Kim, J. Won Park, M. Kyum Kim, S. Dong Jung
Multimedia Tools and Applications
Cellular Structure, Fill materials, Retaining wall, Shear resistance

A technique is developed to clearly establish the shear resistance of a cellular structure, retaining wall composed of a steel frame and fill materials with both continuous and discontinuous characteristics.

To overcome the limitation of the existing analysis approach based on continuum mechanics, in which the shear behavior and interaction between the frames and fill material of this type of structure are difficult to describe, this paper introduces displacement incremental analysis into the distinct element method.

The results obtained by using the proposed approach are compared with experimental results to verify its accuracy. The results show an internal friction angle of fill materials and overburdening load are major factor determining the shear resistance of a retaining wall with a cellular structure type.

From the results of the parametric study on the shear behavior of this type of structure, this paper also proposes a shear resistance moment-shear displacement formula for designing a retaining wall with a cellular structure type.

Keywords: retaining wall, cellular structure, shear resistance, fill materials.

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