Discrete Element Simulation Study on Particle Segregation Effect of a Hemispherical Shell Swing-Oscillating Trough Under Combination Swing-Oscillating

J. Xu, L. Li, X. Ma, Z. Liu
Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Materials
Discrete element method, Layering, Particles, Simulation, Swing-oscillating

In order to enhance the segregation effect of material particles in a hemispherical shell swing-oscillating trough under combination swing-oscillating, by means of three dimensional discrete element method, and by use of the two-dimensional dry granules of plastic ball and steel ball, the discrete element simulation study of particle segregation process is carried out in turn in three cases, which is composed of a single swing-oscillating in smooth trough, a combination swing-oscillating in smooth trough, and a combination swing-oscillating in adding bulge trough. The particle segregation effect was evaluated by particle volume concentration and combined with segregation cloud picture simulated. The result indicates that segregation effect of combination swing-oscillating is better than that in single swing-oscillating; layering effect of the trough added bulge is better than that in the smooth trough. And compared to single swing-oscillating in smooth trough, the degree of segregation of particles in added bulge trough can be increased by 10–15% when being combination swing-oscillating.

Keywords: Swing-oscillating, Particles, Layering, Discrete element method, Simulation 

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