Discrete element modeling of a scaled masonry structure and its validation

C. S. Oliveira, E. Cakti, J. V. Lemos, O. Saygili
Engineering Structures
Masonry, nonlinear dynamic analysis, scale models of historical structures, shake table experiment

The 1:10 scale model of the 15th century Mustafa Pasha Mosque in Skopje, that underwent a comprehensive shake table program, is modeled by the discrete elements approach. A rigid block model with nonlinear behavior concentrated at the joints was developed and calibrated by comparison with the observed response. Time domain analyses of the discrete model were performed under the various levels of dynamic excitation used in the shake table test. Under the lower levels of input, the time and frequency domain characteristics of the shake table experimental response were fairly well simulated by the numerical model. This model also predicted well the zones and the level of damages. For the higher input levels, the comparison was less satisfactory. Overall, the discrete element approach showed the capability to handle the dynamic nonlinear modeling of relatively complex masonry structures.

Keywords: nonlinear dynamic analysis, masonry, shake table experiment, scale models of historical structures.

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