Discrete element analysis of the influence of bolt pattern and spacing on the force‐displacement response of bolted steel mesh

C. Xu, D. D. Tannant, W. Zheng
International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics
bolt pattern, bolt spacing, bolted steel mesh, Discrete element method, force‐displacement response

Steel wire mesh held by a pattern of bolts can be used to stabilize a rock slope. Knowledge of the force‐displacement response of steel mesh is essential in the design of this support system. Laboratory tests have been used to test mesh that is held to rigid steel frames. These testing conditions differ from how steel mesh is held in the field by bolts. The existing laboratory test data may underestimate the deformation and overestimate the load‐bearing capacity of the steel mesh. This paper focuses on the response of the high tensile strength steel mesh held by commonly used bolt patterns. Discrete element models were used to study the force‐displacement response of the steel mesh pinned by bolts. The influences of different bolt patterns and varying ratios of bolt spacing on the effectiveness of steel wire mesh were analyzed. Relationships between the resistance force of steel mesh and bolt density at various mesh deformations were developed. These relationships can help engineers choose the bolt spacing and provide an estimate of the resistance force that a steel mesh can mobilize at a desired deformation limit for a given bolt pattern.

Keywords: bolt pattern, bolt spacing, bolted steel mesh, discrete element method, force‐displacement response,

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