DEM Simulation of Rubble Ice Accumulation in Front of Water Intake Area of Nuclear Power Plant

N. Xu, X. Long
Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Discrete Element Methods
nuclear power plant, sea ice accumulation, water intake

The study aims to simulate sea ice accumulation in water intake area of nuclear power plant with discrete element method (DEM), which possesses bonding-breaking function and is based on GPU technique.

In the simulation, we considered the effects of wave, water, and wind and studied the accumulation height of floe ice interacted with water intake area. We explored three influencing factors of accumulation height: floe ice concentration, average size of floe ice, and water velocity. The exploration results indicated that accumulation height increased with the increasing concentration of floe ice and water velocity.

However, accumulation height of floe ice slightly varied with the average size of floe ice. DEM simulation is an effective and accurate way to forecast sea ice accumulation and may provide a basis for structure design of water intake.

Keywords: sea ice accumulation, nuclear power plant, water intake.

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