DEM Simulation of Uniaxial Compressive and Flexural Strength of Sea Ice: Parametric Study

S. Di, S. Ji, X. Long
Journal of Engineering Mechanics
bonding, Brittleness, Compressive Strength, Discrete element method, failure analysis, Flexural strength, Friction, Material failures

Microscale parameters have significant influence on the macromechanical behaviors of brittle materials in the discrete-element method (DEM). The rational determination of microparameters is still an open problem to model the failure characteristics of brittle materials. In this study, a three-dimensional DEM with bonded-particles is adopted to simulate the failure process of brittle materials. Interparticle friction and softening failure criteria are applied in the DEM simulations. The physical experimental data of sea ice are adopted to calibrate the DEM results. The influences of the interparticle friction coefficient and the bonding strength of bonded particles on the failure processes of sea ice are analyzed with the DEM simulations of the uniaxial compressive and flexural strengths of sea ice. The ratio of uniaxial compressive to flexural strength is used to calibrate the interparticle strengths and friction coefficient of bonded particles in comparison with experimental data. The relationship between interparticle strength and macrostrength are determined based on the DEM results.

Keywords: Material failures, Friction, Failure analysis, Compressive strength, Flexural strength, Bonding, Discrete element method, Brittleness

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