Dem Simulation Of Clod Crushing By Bionic Bulldozing Plate

B. Chen, J.-Q Li, R. Zhang, S.-C Xu
Journal of Bionic Engineering
Bionic Wavy Surface, Clod-Crushing, DEM Simulation, Earthworm, Non-Linear Mechanical Model Of Soil

Through evolving over millions of years, earthworm has developed the typical wavy body surface. The non-smooth surface shape can break the clods into small pieces, which is one of the important reasons to make earthworm move freely in soil. Based on engineering bionics, the non-smooth body surface of earthworm was regarded as the bionic prototype, and a bionic wavy plane bulldozing plate was designed. In order to analyze the clod crushing mechanism by the bionic bulldozing plate, the nonlinear mechanical model of contact between soil particles was established and the clod-crushing processes by the bionic bulldozing plate and the smooth bulldozing plate were simulated by Distinct Element Method (DEM). Simulation results indicate that the bionic bulldozing plate has stronger clod-crushing ability and can break much more clods than the smooth bulldozing plate can.

Keywords: Earthworm, Bionic Wavy Surface, Clod-Crushing, Non-Linear Mechanical Model Of Soil, Dem Simulation

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