DEM-CFD modelling of particle flow mechanisms in dustiness testers

D.B. Hastie, P.W. Wypych, S. Wangchai
The Barton
2th International Conference on Bulk Materials Storage
Dust generation, dustiness, dustiness tester, flow of particles
Uses EDEM software

Dust generation during bulk material handling, free fall and impact on conveyor transfers can pose an effect on human health, communities, environment, industry equipment and is also an air pollutant. Dustiness testers are one method which can be used to quantify dust generation.

This paper investigates the two computational techniques available to analyse flow of particles in two dustiness testers; the European standard dustiness tester and the Australian standard dustiness tester. Discrete Element Modelling (DEM) is a simulation tool used to model and visualise the movement of particles in the rotating drums, while computational fluid dynamics (CFD) focuses on the flow of air through the drums.

Therefore, the CFD-DEM coupled method was developed to simulate mechanisms of polyethylene pellets movement and air flow in the rotating drums with these techniques and details of the modelling are presented in this paper.

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