DEM Algorithm for Progressive Collapse Simulation of Single-Layer Reticulated Domes under Multi-Support Excitation

J. Ye, L. Xu
Taylor & Francis
Journal of Earthquake Engineering
Member Discrete Element Method, Multi-Support Excitation, Parallel Computation, Progressive Collapse Simulation, shaking table test, single-layer reticulated dome

In this paper, the Member Discrete Element Method (MDEM) is modified and perfected for three aspects: the algorithm itself, loading and computational efficiency, and to accurately and quantitatively simulate the progressive collapse for large-span spatial steel structures. In addition, the corresponding computational programs are compiled. First, from the perspective of the method, a meshing principle for discrete element models is determined, a treatment for material nonlinearity and strain rate effect is proposed, and a damping model is established. Next, the Displacement Method is introduced to determine the multi-support excitation for the MDEM, and then motion equations of particles under multi-support excitation are derived. On this basis, the specific process of gravitational field loading is presented. Furthermore, parallel implementation strategies for the MDEM based on OpenMP are constructed. Finally, the collapse simulation of a 1/3.5-scaled single-layer reticulated dome shaking table test model under multi-support excitation is carried out. The comparison demonstrates that the ultimate load and failure mode as well as the complete collapse time of the numerical results are consistent with the experimentally measured responses, and the configuration variations from member buckling and local depression until collapse failure are fully captured. Moreover, the displacement time-history curves obtained using MDEM are almost identical to the experimental measurements, and there is a nuance only in the amplitude. It is verified that MDEM is capable of precisely addressing the collapse failure for large-span spatial steel structures. Additionally, the failure mechanism for structures of this type is naturally revealed.

Keywords: Member Discrete Element Method, Multi-Support Excitation, Parallel Computation, Single-Layer Reticulated Dome, Shaking Table Test, Progressive Collapse Simulation

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