Deformation localisation modelling of polymer foam microstructure under compression: A new approach by discrete element modelling

I. Iordanoff, J.L. Lataillade, P. Viot, R. Bouix
Composite Structures
Discrete element modelling, Microstructure, Multi-scale cellular material, Polymer foam

A discrete element model (DEM) has been developed to represent the behaviour of the microscopic structure of polymer cellular material, consisting of closed-cells. In DEM, the polymer foam is represented as an assembly of particles which model the closed-cells. The behaviour of the particle is based on the Gibson model and depends on morphologic and mechanical parameters. The present numerical study demonstrates the effect of deformation localisation on the microstructure. It is noted that the cell morphologic parameters and the distribution of various size cells in the specimen have a significant influence of the local deformation. The effect of macroscopic faults is also studied.

Keywords: Polymer foam, Multi-scale cellular material, Microstructure, Discrete element modelling

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