Cutting edge preparation using the discrete element software EDEM

L. He, M. Tao, P. Zheng, X. Zhao
Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering
Discrete element method, Dispersed abrasive, EDEM, Edge preparation, Planetary motion

The high-speed and high-efficient cutting is the future of the mechanical processing technology. The tool edge preparation prolongs the service life of the tool, elevates the machined surface quality and the cutting performance through modification of the cutting edge contour, micro-topography and microstructure in the edge area. It is necessary to study the edge preparation mechanism to realize the importance of the high-speed and high-efficiency cutting. The mathematical model of the milling tool motion trajectory is built up using the edge preparation characteristics of the planetary motion. Based on the basic principle of the discrete element method and the Hertz contact theory, the simulation model of the tool edge preparation process is set up through the discrete element software EDEM. The effects of the speed, the preparation time, the abrasive mesh, the abrasive ratio, the rotation direction on the abrasive state, the abrasive velocity, the cumulated energy, the wear and the action force are investigated. In this paper, the basis for the edge preparation optimization is provided and the importance of the high-speed and high-efficiency machining is highlighted.

Keywords: Edge preparation, Discrete element method, EDEM, Dispersed abrasive, Planetary motion

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