Compacting of particles for biaxial compression test by the discrete element method

D. Markauskas, R. Kańćianauskas
Taylor & Francis
Journal of Civil Engineering and Management

Numerical simulation of the compacting of particles for the biaxial compression test using the discrete element method is presented. Compacting is considered as the first independent step required for a proper simulation of the entire compression process. In terms of the continuum approach, compacting is regarded as generation of the initial conditions. Three different compacting scenarios with differently manipulated loading history on the boundaries, namely, compacting by using the moving rigid walls, by the static pressure using flexible membranes as well as combining the above two methods are considered. Discrete element methodology and basic relations, as well as formulation of the compacting problem and computational aspects of compacting are presented in detail. Each of the scenarios is illustrated by the numerical results. It has been found that the combined compacting scenario yields the required initial conditions exhibiting the best physically adjustable state of particles.


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