Case Studies Of Discrete Element Method Applications In Geology, Geophysics And Rock Engineering

L. Jing, O. Stephansson
Developments in Geotechnical Engineering
Discrete Element model, Rock Engineering, Rock Mass Structures

Today, the advances in discrete modeling make it tempting to attempt to construct models that are more and more complicated by including a large number of geological structures and rock types with different properties. This leads to a dilemma if the model result is to have practical use in rock engineering (Hart, 1990): on one hand, the simulation of a large number of fractures and rock types with different properties satisfies the conceptualization of the rock mass structures and characteristics; on the other hand, the problem might become too complicated so that the engineering understanding of the model results becomes less effective. In addition, for engineering projects as more details are added, the computing power requirements may quickly exceed what is available.

Keywords: Discrete Element Model, Rock Engineering, Rock Mass Structures

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