Calibration of parallel bond parameters in bonded particle models via physics-informed adaptive moment optimisation

M. Wang, S. Jiang, T. Qu, Y.T. Feng
Powder Technology
Adaptive moment estimation, Automated calibration, Brittle solid, Discrete element method, parallel bond model, Physics-informed optimisation

This study proposes an automated calibration procedure for bond parameters in bonded discrete element modelling. By exploring the underlying physical correlations between microscopic parameters of bonds and macroscopic strength parameters of the continuum to be modelled, the microscopic shear strength and tensile strength are identified as independent variables for calibration purpose. Then a physics-informed iterative scheme is proposed to automatically approximate the bond parameters by viewing the micro-macro relation as an implicitly defined mathematical mapping function. As a result of highly non-convex features of this implicit mapping, the adaptive moment estimation (Adam), which is especially suitable for problems with noisy gradients, is adopted as the basic iterative scheme, in conjunction with other numerical techniques to approximately evaluate the partial derivatives involved. The whole procedure offers a simple and effective framework for bond parameter calibration. A numerical example of SiC ceramic is provided for validation. By compared with some existing calibration methods, the proposed method shows significant advantages in terms of calibration efficiency and accuracy.

Keywords: Discrete element method, Parallel bond model, Automated calibration, Adaptive moment estimation, Brittle solid, Physics-informed optimisation

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