Calibration of Interspecific Contact Parameters of Maize Seed Particle Model Based on Discrete Element

C. Tao, China Agricultural University, L. Kehong, L. Zhijie, S. Song, W. Yunxia, Y. Li, Z. Dongxing
Journal of Agricultural Engineering
Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering
Calibration, Friction, interspecific contact parameter, Maize, model

Abstract: The maize seed particle model established in EDEM (discrete element method) and the actual maize seed in the shape, surface roughness and other aspects of the difference, if the actual measurement of the physical parameters directly into the EDEM simulation, there will be simulation distortion Happening.

In order to solve this problem, this paper proposes a method to establish the mathematical regression model to find the target parameters, simplify the calibration process, combine the simulation test and the real experiment, and combine the two kinds of intercritical friction coefficient and rolling friction coefficient of the maize seed particle model Parameters were calibrated to make the corn seed particles established in EDEM regain the physical properties similar to those of the real particles. Two kinds of contact materials (plexiglass plate and aluminum cylinder) were used to simulate the corn seed stacking angle. Two independent variables were established. The binary regression equation was established for the interspecific coefficient of static friction and interspecific rolling friction coefficient.

The coefficient of static friction coefficient and rolling friction coefficient of maize in EDEM were 0.0338 and the coefficient of rolling friction between maize was 0.0021, and the coefficient of friction coefficient between maize was 0.0021

The results show that the difference between the key characteristic and the numerical results is within 4.70%, and the corrected corn seed is the result of the simulation. The results show that the key characteristic size difference is within 4.70% The stacking angle boundary is closer to the actual situation, and the reliability of the simulation results is improved.

Keywords: model, friction, calibration, interspecific contact parameter, maize.

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