Breakage Characteristics and Crushing Mechanism of Cement Materials Using Point-Loading Tests and the Discrete-Element Method

B. -Y. Zhang, W. -J. Xu, X. -B. Wang
Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering
Cement ellipsoid particles, Crushing mechanism, Discrete element method, Point-loading tests

A point-loading device was used to research the breakage characteristics of single particles and to study their crushing mechanism. A series of point-loading tests were completed on the basis of cement ellipsoid particles modeled in various sizes and strengths with cement pastes. A close-packing method of equal spheres with several close-packed assemblies was generated, and the corresponding numerical models for cement ellipsoid particles were established by the discrete-element method. Experimental and numerical tests show that the high-strength materials are brittle, whereas the low-strength materials are ductile, and vice versa. A comparison of the experimental and numerical results show reasonable, rational results, and indicate that the force-displacement relationship is approximately linear for this type of granular material. A measurement-sphere method was used to trace the energy and stress distribution in the particle samples. The accumulation of dilatant deformation causes the collapse of the local skeleton structures in the cement ellipsoid particles.

Keywords: Crushing mechanism, Cement ellipsoid particles, Point-loading tests, Discrete-element method

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