Application Of Three Dimensional Discrete Element Face To Face Contact Model With Fissure Water Pressure To Stability Analysis Of Landslide In Panluo Iron Mine

L. Zhang, S. Li, X. Liu, Z. Wei
Science in China Series E: Technological Sciences
Face-To-Face Contact Model, Fissure Water Pressure, Landslide, Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Method

Three-dimensional discrete element face-to-face contact model with fissure water pressure is established in this paper and the model is used to simulate three-stage process of landslide under fissure water pressure in the opencast mine, according to the actual state of lands lide in Panluo iron mine where landslide happened in 1990 and was fathered in 1999. The calculation results show that fissure water pressure on the sliding surface is the main reason causing landslide and the local soft interlayer weakens the stability of slope. If the discrete element method adopts the same assumption as the limit equilibrium method, the results of two methods are in good agreement; while if the assumption is not adopted in the discrete element method, the critical ϕ numerically calculated is less than the one calculated by use of the limit equilibrium method for the same C. Thus, from an engineering point of view, the result from the discrete element model simulation is safer and has more widely application since the discrete element model takes into account the effect of rock mass structures.

Keywords: Face-To-Face Contact Model, Fissure Water Pressure, Three-Dimensional Discrete Element Method, Landslide

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