Advances in micromechanical modelling of asphalt mixtures: a review

J. Zhang
Taylor & Francis
European Journal of Environmental and Civil Engineering
Asphalt mixture, Micromechanical modelling, Microstructure, Multi-scale, numerical simulation

This paper carries out a survey on available methods for micromechanical modelling on asphalt mixture. Focus is placed on models based on different concepts as well as different computational methods in numerical implementation. The major topics covered include: models based on discrete element method, micromechanical finite element models, disturbed state concept, the discontinuous deformation analysis method, integration of mechanics on different scales, etc. A brief description of some fundamental algorithms in discrete element and finite element methods are also included due to the modelling accuracy and thus wide interest in them. Simple case studies are included to illustrate the methods in discussion wherever space allows.

Keywords: Asphalt mixture, micromechanical modelling, microstructure, numerical simulation, multi-scale

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