Adapting the discrete element method to simulation of acoustic agglomeration of aerosol particles

A. Maknickas, D. Markauskas, R. Kačianauskas
American Institute of Physics
AIP Conference Proceedings
acoustics, Aerosols, Computer simulation, Discrete element method

Adaptation of the Discrete Element Method (DEM) for simulation of acoustic agglomeration of aerosol particles is considered. The aerosol is assumed to be a system of dispersed spherical particles embedded in incompressible medium. The modelled processes are considered on the scale of the oscillatory motion of particles. Under the action of a monochromatic sound wave agglomeration of smaller particles, which are sequentially formed into larger particles, is initiated. The effect of the orthokinetic and acoustic wake mechanisms is taken into account. This report presents some theoretical aspects of acoustic agglomeration, as well as the overall computational framework and evaluation of the acoustic forces on the particles resulting from oscillatory fluid motion. Theoretical models are illustrated by the results obtained in numerical simulation of a multiparticle system.

Keywords: Acoustics, Discrete element method, Aerosols, Computer simulation

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