A review on the advanced design techniques and methods of vibrating screen for coal preparation

C. Liu, D. Liu, H. Feng, H. Jiang, L. Peng, L. Zhang, X. Chen, Y. Zhao
Powder Technology
Advanced design techniques, Coal Preparation, Discrete element method, Dynamics modeling, vibrating screen

Large vibrating screen is the key equipment to improve the clean and efficient utilization of coal. In recent years, various advanced design techniques and methods have been energetically explored and applied into developing high-performance and long-life vibrating screen. In this paper, firstly, a systematic search of literature published during the last fifteen years was carried out and based on the analysis on these papers, these advanced design techniques and methods were summed up as three issues: the kinetic properties of the screen body by dynamic modeling, the optimal screening operational parameters by discrete element method and the dynamic design of the screen body by finite element method. In detail, the traditional dynamic models of vibrating screen were classified into four types according to the number of degree of freedom. Besides, four kinds of influence factors pertaining to the optimal operation parameters of a vibrating screen were presented. Moreover, two aspects of dynamic design process, i.e., the dynamic analysis and the optimal design strategy of the screen body was introduced. Finally, based on the comprehensive review, some topics such as a concordant optimal method on screening operational parameters, the appropriate control method for stable operation of a large vibrating screen, and the precise kinetic properties of screen body by dynamic modeling were recommended.

Keywords: Coal preparation, Vibrating screen, Discrete element method, Advanced design techniques, Dynamics modeling,

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