In this work, an active set type method is considered in order to solve a mathematical problem that describes the frictionless dynamic contact of a multi-body rigid system, the so-called nonsmooth contact dynamics (NSCD) problem. Our aim, here, is to present the local treatment of contact conditions by an active set type method dedicated to NSCD and to carry out a comparison with the various well-known methods based on the bipotential theory and the augmented Lagrangian theory. After presenting the mechanical formulation of the NSCD and the resolution of the global problem concerning the equations of motion, we focus on the local level devoted to the resolution of the contact law. Then we detail the numerical treatment of the contact conditions within the framework of the primal-dual active set strategy. Finally, numerical experiments are presented to establish the efficiency of the proposed method by considering the comparison with the other numerical methods.

Keywords: Granular media, unilateral constraint, rigid body, discrete element method, nonsmooth contact dynamics, semismooth Newton method, primal-dual active set, bipotential, augmented Lagrangian, multi-body contact, numerical simulations

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