A Microscale Approach for the Seismic Response of MDOF Structures Including Soil-Foundation-Structure Interaction

N. Zamani, U. El Shamy
Taylor & Francis
Journal of Earthquake Engineering
Discrete element method, Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Systems, seismic response, soil-structure interaction, Time Domain Analysis

In this article, a three-dimensional microscale computational framework utilizing the discrete element method is presented to analyze the seismic response of soil-foundation- MDOF structure systems. The proposed approach is used to explore the response of MDOF structures on a square embedded footing founded on a dry granular deposit. Computational simulations were conducted to investigate the response of the system to several base excitations. The impact of replacing a MDOF structure with its equivalent single degree of freedom (ESDOF) structure while accounting for soil-foundation-structure interaction (SFSI) is investigated. Detrimental or beneficial effect of SFSI on the response is also examined.

Keywords: Discrete Element Method, Soil-Structure-Interaction, Time Domain Analysis, Multi-Degree-of-Freedom Systems, Seismic Response

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