A Combined DEM/Fem Multiscale Method And Structure Failure Simulation Under Laser Irradiation

J. Xu, Z. Tang
American Physical Society
Conference of the American Physical Society Topical Group on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter
Combined Dem\Fem Method, Laser Irradiation

Analysis of a variety of engineering problems requires computation at different length scales. A combined discrete/finite element numerical method is proposed and developed in this paper to meet this requirement. This method performs discrete element method at meso-scale to reach necessary precision, and finite element method at macro-scale to save the computation time and cost. The key point for this method is to define a special transition layer between discrete element zone and the finite element zone. We apply this new method to simulate the failure responses of a pre-stressed aluminum plate and a cylindrical shell with inner pressure under laser irradiation with the combination codes of DM3 (a 3D Discrete Meso-Element Dynamic Method)/plane FEM and DM3/shell FEM developed in this lab, respectively. It finds good agreement between the current computational results and the reported results in the references.

Keywords: Combined Dem\Fem Method, Laser Irradiation

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