Mechanics of binary crushable granular assembly through discrete element method

M. Kamlah, R. K. Desu, R.K. Annabattula, Y. Gan
Nuclear Materials and Energy
binary pebble assembly, breeder materials, crushable pebble assembly, Nuclear fusion

The mechanical response of a granular system is not only influenced by the bulk material properties but also on various factors due to it’s discrete nature. The factors like topology, packing fraction, friction between particles, particle size distribution etc. influence the behavior of granular systems. For a reliable design of such systems like fusion breeder units comprising of pebble beds, it is essential to understand the various factors influencing the response of the system. Mechanical response of a binary assembly consisting of crushable spherical pebbles is studied using Discrete Element Method (DEM) which is based on particle–particle interactions. The influence of above mentioned factors on the macroscopic stress–strain response is investigated using an in-house DEM code. Furthermore, the effect of these factors on the damage in the assembly is investigated. This present investigation helps in understanding the macroscopic response and damage in terms of microscopic factors paving way to develop a unified prediction tool for a binary crushable granular assembly.

Keywords: crushable pebble assembly, binary pebble assembly, nuclear fusion, breeder materials.

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