EDEM is being used by top-tier process manufacturing companies in the pharmaceutical, chemicals, consumer packaged goods and asphalt industries worldwide, to optimize the performance of bulk solids handling and processing equipment.

Bulk solids are involved in over 70% of industrial processes either as the raw material or the final product. Effective handling and processing of bulk solids is critical to ensuring high productivity and process capability of manufacturing plant.

EDEM simulation enables companies to accurately simulate and analyze the behavior of bulk solids, providing key information on processes otherwise difficult or sometimes impossible to measure.

EDEM enables a detailed analysis and visualization of the flow of particles, from powders to tablets, through process segments and handling equipment and can promote both innovation in product design as well as reduce the need for physical prototypes and long product development cycles.

Increase process efficiency and capability, drive product innovation.

Key Applications

Powder Mixing

Powder Mixing

  • Mixing efficiency/segregation
  • Time spent in different mixer zones
  • Visualization and detection of dead zones
  • Flow patterns for different material types
Tablet Coating

Tablet Coating

  • Inter-tablet coating uniformity
  • Mixing in the coating pan
  • Residence Time Distribution of tablets in spray zone
  • Effect of pan speed and design
  • Potential for tablet attrition and effect of spray pattern and rate

(Image courtesy of Pfizer)

Die Filling

Die Filing

  • Analyze fill variability between dies and feeder/screw performance
  • Assess effect of various key parameters
  • Understand micro-macro dynamics of particles inside the feed frame
  • Visualize segregation inside the feed frame & during die filling
Screw Conveyor

Screw Conveyor

  • Analyze flow rate of different materials, forces, interactions and wear on equipment
  • Optimize unloading
  • Provide information on system capacity and power requirements
  • Mixing and compression of material


Fluidized beds

Fluidized Beds

  • Couple with Computational Fluid Dynamics to simulate particle-fluid systems accurately
  • Assess quality of fluidization
  • Understand mixing / segregation phenomena
Powder Spreading and Raking in Additive Manufacturing

Powder Spreading ad Raking in Additive Manufacturing

  • Investigate impact of different parameters on quality of powder bed
  • Evaluate powder spreading uniformity
  • Optimize printer design and set-up

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What our customers say

EDEM is used by top-tier manufacturing companies in the pharmaceutical, chemicals, consumer packaged goods and asphalt industries worldwide, learn more by reading our Process Manufacturing case studies.



The deployment of EDEM modelling in Pfizer drug product development has accelerated the decision-making process by predicting, before process scale-up, the performance of commercial tablet shapes at process scale.”

William Ketterhagen & Mary T. am Ende Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development

EDEM gives our engineers a state-of-the-art tool for the development of new equipment and allows us to model each process segment of our hot-mix asphalt plants. [...] EDEM will help us meet that goal of continuous innovation.

Andrew Hobbs, Chief CFD, DEM Engineer, Astec Inc

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