Leading companies in the mining, mineral processing and metals industries use EDEM simulation software to optimize the performance of bulk material handling and processing equipment.

The performance and reliability of bulk materials handling and processing equipment used in mining operations, mineral processing and steel making plants, such as conveyor transfer points and feed chutes, reclaimers, crushers and grinding mills is a critical factor determining the productivity of mines and plants.

EDEM software simulates and analyses the behavior of a wide range of bulk materials such as coal, ores and rocks – enabling engineers to understand the flow of these materials through each segment of their equipment or operation.

Mine operators, engineering companies and equipment suppliers use EDEM throughout the production chain to verify the design of their equipment, improve its performance and reduce production risks.

Improve equipment performance, increase productivity and operational efficiency.


Transfer Chutes

Transfer Chutes

  • Prevent blockage and spillage
  • Identify excessive material velocities and dispersed flow
  • Ensure appropriate delivery of material onto conveyor belts
  • Optimize wear protection
Vibrating Screen

Vibrating Screens

  • Analyze screening process
  • Estimate efficiency of the decks
  • Identify potential material clogging
  • Visualize areas prone to wear

(Image courtesy of HL Atacama)

Blast Furnace Loading

Blast Furnace Loading

  • Virtually examine the operation of charging devices
  • Optimize materials distribution and dispersal
  • Develop virtual models of burden layering
  • Predict areas of excessive equipment wear
  • Investigate and minimize segregation in the loading process
SAG Mill

SAG Mill

  • Simulate charge behavior within the mill
  • Identify the wear profile and related effect on mill charge dynamics
  • Virtual testing of new liner design options
  • Optimize performance of liners


Transportation: Coal Wagon

Transportation: Coal Wagon

  • Assess loading & unloading time
  • Predict force on trap doors
  • Analyze areas prone to wear
  • Test different designs to optimize unloading
Bucket Elevators

Bucket Elevators

  • Assess system efficiency
  • Determine maximum feed flow rate and output
  • Test different designs

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Over the past several years Hatch has been integrating EDEM Simulation technology and services into design projects and has achieved a high level of confidence in materials handling equipment designs. This results in substantial benefits around design robustness, equipment reliability in plant start-up and commissioning, and increasing plant quality, yield and performance…

Dr. Brian Moore, Lead Engineer, Bulk Materials Handling Hatch

We were looking for a tool to help us understand material behavior and optimize complex blast furnace processes such as loading and unloading as well as wear. One of the key reasons that made us choose EDEM over other DEM software was the high level of expertise and support provided by the EDEM technical team.

Dr. Edouard Izard, Research Engineer, Process Engineering ArcelorMittal

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