Leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in construction,
off-highway, mining and agriculture industries are transforming their traditional design methods by integrating EDEM simulation into their engineering workflow.

Engineers designing heavy equipment are challenged on a daily basis by the variability and complex nature of the materials that their machine will face.

EDEM software brings the benefits of Discrete Element Method (DEM) simulation to the heavy equipment manufacturing industry as a tool that uniquely simulates and analyzes the behavior of bulk materials such as coal, ores, soils and grains.

EDEM provides engineers with crucial engineering insight into how materials will interact with their equipment during a range of operating conditions.

By introducing EDEM simulation and analysis into their design workflow, equipment manufacturers are significantly reducing their reliance on assumption and physical prototyping and are able to increase the productivity and reliability of their equipment by understanding how a material will affect their designs.

Fewer physical prototypes, shorter design cycles, increased equipment productivity and equipment performance.

Key Applications

Dump Truck Bodies

  • Analyze loading and discharge performance
  • Reduce load cycle, body mass and fuel usage
  • Identify wear zones
  • Extend Finite Element Analysis

(Image courtesy of Westech)


Excavators & Diggers

  • Accurate prediction of forces acting on equipment
  • Compare force on bucket for different materials
  • Identify risk of spillage and areas prone to wear
  • Couple with Multibody dynamics


Harvesting Machinery

  • Get important insight into the harvesting processes
  • Simulate transport and separation of grains
  • Quantify grain handling system capacity and power requirements
  • Predict performance of the system

(Image courtesy of CNH)


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What our customers say

EDEM is being used by top-tier mining, construction and agricultural equipment manufacturers worldwide, learn more by reading our Heavy Equipment case studies.


Employing EDEM software at CNH has allowed for an accelerated pace of machinery development to more fully understand crop-machine and soil-machine interactions. The unprecedented level of model customization that can be achieved through the EDEM API allows us to obtain the results we need to drive product innovation at CNH.

Dr. Martin Roberge, Manager Soil Crop Flow Modeling CNH Industrial

We use EDEM to observe and analyze the flow of coal from the (truck) body at discharge. EDEM Analysis also allows us to check the dynamic loading on the truck chassis as it dumps, and we extract other useful information, such as data for estimating wear.

Rick Reynolds, Chief Engineer & Wayne Soule, Engineer Westech / Austin Engineering

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