Webinar – Simulating complex granular material behavior with EDEM API

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Are you looking for a Discrete Element Method (DEM) tool that is easy-to-use yet very flexible for you to customize and include your own physics and models?

Join our free live webinar on the 21st November and find out how you can customize EDEM software to model complex applications involving granular materials such as breakage, coating, heat transfer, sticky solids, flexible fibers and more.

EDEM simulation of rocks breakage using API

We will introduce the EDEM Application Programming Interface (API) – a highly versatile tool that enables users to go beyond the scope of EDEM’s standard physics models by writing their own custom physics.  A wide range of example custom models and User Defined Libraries with their source codes are also available so you don’t need to start from scratch.


  • Overview of EDEM and Applications
  • EDEM Application Programming Interface – what can be customized:
    • Custom contact models
    • Custom particle body force models
    • Custom particle factory models
    • Custom properties
  • Workflow example: tablet coater with heat transfer
  • Case studies
    • Cone crusher
    • Seed coating
  • Q&A

Duration: 50 minutes + time for questions

Presenter: Carles Bosch Padros, EDEM Engineer